ASU ADVANCE is a five-year institutional transformation award of $3M to improve equitable outcomes in the academic life course, with a particular focus on women and faculty of color.


ASU will become a higher education leader in inclusion and diversity at all levels of the university, from undergraduates to academic leadership. The ASU ADVANCE project focuses on realizing this vision, particularly at the faculty level.

Social Science Research Project
What is the impact of an interdisciplinary academic structure on the academic life course with a focus on equity? A mixed-method approach to answer how intersectionality and interdisciplinarity work together to structure the academic life course at ASU and beyond.



Public values; promotion and tenure guidelines
Ensure that faculty and administrator procedures on recruiting, promotion, evaluation, and retention explicitly address how to improve equity and diversity in an interdisciplinary structure.


Digitally Enhanced Professoriate
Provide appropriate and accessible professional development and mentoring opportunities for STEM women and members of underrepresented groups across the entirety of the academic life course. 


Digital Dashboard tracking faculty through P&T and workload
Design, implement, and evaluate digital administrative systems to monitor equity-related processes, and empower administrators to intervene to ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes.

The National Science Foundation initiated the ADVANCE program in 2001; since then there have been 67 Institutional Transformation awards.

Management plan


Value propositions

“I think being a minority in the classroom can be discouraging. Especially when you’re struggling, especially your first two years. That’s why having a great teacher is very important and motivating. I was an aerospace engineer, and I was the only black female in the class and stuff like that. And then realizing that not everybody wants to, like, work with me. Or not everybody will take my opinion seriously, that kinda hit me, too.”
— ASU STEM female student, spring 2017 focus group

ADVANCE organizational chart